Mr. Khondker Mahbubuddin Ahmed, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of Bangladesh


Mr. Khondker Mahbubuddin Ahmed was born on the 7th December, 1925 in Wari, Dhaka. His father, Khondkar Shamsuddin Ahmed, was a practicing lawyer who started first in Faridpur District Town and then shifted to Gopalganj town when Gopalganj was established as a Sub-Divisional town. His father was also a political personality. His mother was Hasna Khatun of Village Hajee Nagar, Manikganj, daughter of a physician who was then practicing at Boalmari, Faridpur.

Mr. Khondker Mahbubuddin Ahmed started in a school in Gopalganj called M.M. Institution. Life of Mr. Ahmed changed when on the visit of the Divisional Inspector of School his father was advised to send him to a better school because of his merit as a student. Accordingly his father sent him to Dhaka to his uncle’s house at Segun Bagicha to get admitted in some good school in Dhaka. He was then admitted in Class IX of St. Gregory’s High school, the then top most school of the then Dacca Board and he Matriculated from that school in March, 1941 in the First Division with scholarship of Rs. 5/-per month.

He then got admitted in the first year Arts Class of the then Persidency College of Calcutta known as the Premier College of India. He passed his Intermediate Arts Examination from Calcutta University getting First Division with scholarship of Rs.15/- per month and graduated from the same college with Honours in English in 1945. He continued to study English under the University of Calcutta and simultaneously joined the Calcutta University Law College which used to hold its classes in the evening.

Mr. Khondker Mahbubuddin Ahmed did his M.A. in English from Calcutta University in 1947 and also passed the Preliminary and Intermediate Law examination from the Calcutta University. However, due to political arrest and communal riots he could not finish studying his final years there. Then he returned to Dhaka, which had in the meantime become the capital of the then East Pakistan. Mr. Ahmed passed the Final Law Examination at the Dhaka University as an expelled candidate from Calcutta and obtained his L.L.B degree in 1950.

While appearing for the law final examination he became an Articled Clerk to an Advocate from Calcutta High Court who shifted to East Pakistan after partition of India. But he was unable to complete his pupilage under the latter as his senior returned to practice in the Calcutta High Court shortly after he joined. He later became an Articled Clerk to Mr. Khondker Mosle Uddin Ahmed a very pious and saintly person.

On 25th February 1959 after over 8 years of becoming a law graduate Mr. Ahmed became a full-fledged lawyer. Because of his amiable disposition and learning capabilities every one, both senior and junior, loved and respected him. As a result of which he was elected President of the Supreme Court Bar Association for the term 1978-79. There was no compiled constitution of Bar Association at that time and Mr. Ahmed took it upon himself to produce one during his term. He was again elected to lead the Supreme Court Bar Association as President during the term 1992-1993.

After associating with late Mr. Ahmed Sobhan to organise the National Bar Association of Bangladesh Mr. Khondker became its very first Secretary General. Later, he became President of the National Bar Association of Bangladesh and represented Bangladesh in many international forums like the Commonwealth Lawyers Conference, Law Asia meeting in that capacity. Mr. Ahmed was elected Member of the Bangladesh Bar Council for consecutive five terms, in one of which he was elected Vice Chairman of the Council.

He was elected as a member of the Parliament from the B.N.P for Dhaka -9 Constituency, in February 1996(6th parliament) and was instrumental in the amendment of the Constitution (13th Constitutional Amendment) for introduction of Care Taker Government. He was again nominated by his party to contest election of the Dhaka-9 Constituency held in 2001 to the 8th Parliament and he was again elected a Member of the Parliament.

 Afterwards, Mr. Ahmed headed the Parliamentary Standing Committee for Law as its Chairman and in that capacity he had been associated with amendment of the Civil Procedure Code, Criminal Procedure Code and passing of certain other laws like the law relating to registration and transfer of property, to prevent fraud and forgery and for reducing litigation in the country.

Having great passion for social service Mr. Ahmed associated himself with Red Cross Society, as early as in 1963. He had the honour of working with Mr. Justice Faze Akbar, Mr. Justice Asir, (for a short Period) Mr. Justice B.A Siddiky, Mr. Justice A.K.M Nurul Islam and Mr.Justice Shahabuddin Ahmad. During all these years Mr. Ahmed performed his duties diligently as a head of the Red Cross Organization as well. He also participated in another service organization called the Rotary International and became a member of the Rotary Club of Dhaka which he later headed as one of its Presidents. He became a Paul Harris Fellow by contributing to the Rotary International Fund.

In the long fifty years of his career, Mr. Ahmed has devoted himself for enhancement of the glory of legal institutions and he has contributed for the development of law through legal decisions which have been widely reported in all the law Journals of the country.   He took his last breath at United Hospital in Dhaka at the age of 89, leaving behind a son and three daughters to mourn his death.


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