Anti-Corruption Laws in Bangladesh

- Justice Md. Azizul Haque

Corruption can be defined as the offences which eradicate a country on an administrative level and thus are, in many instances of history, considered to... Read More »


The Banking Companies Act With Other Allied Laws (2nd Edition)

- Justice Md. Azizul Haque

Banking law covers the many state and private sector regulations governing financial institutions. Lawyers who practice in this area of the law handle everything from... Read More »

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- Kamruzzaman Bhuiyan, Advocate , Supreme Court of Bangladesh.

The word “Criminal Remedies” mean to achieve justice in a criminal matter in which legal rights are involved. Criminal remedies may be ordered by the... Read More »


Laws on Partition Suits

- Md Mukhlasur Rahman

Suit for partition is the best form of suit to settle the disputes vis-à-vis joint properties amongst the co-shares. Consequently, suit for partition is called... Read More »

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