- Kamruzzaman Bhuiyan, Advocate , Supreme Court of Bangladesh.

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The word “Criminal Remedies” mean to achieve justice in a criminal matter in which legal rights are involved. Criminal remedies may be ordered by the court, granted by judgment after trial or hearing towards the person claiming harm by the automatic operation of laws. When a criminal act or omission is committed against a person whether arbitrarily, willfully or wrongfully, the person against whom such wrongdoings taken place, may avail or seek his/her remedies under the process of law which can be termed as criminal remedies against such act or omission.

The book “Criminal Remedies” a criminal book based on the decisions of Appellate Division, published in January, 2015, is a fruitful book of laws relating to remedy in a criminal case. The writer of the book is Mr. Kamruzzaman Bhuiyan. He is now a promising practicing lawyer of High Court Division of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh after duly completing his LL.B (Hon’s) degree in 1998 and LL.M degree in 1999 from University of Rajshahi with brilliant academic track record.

It needs to mention that this book will help the legal practitioners, judges, legal professionals, law students and knowledge thirsting people in understanding the intrinsic nature of some crimes and the remedy thereof. This book deals with only the details procedural laws on bail, trail, appeal, revision, detention and Quashment under section 561A of Cr.PC which will not only help to understand the relevant legal maxim but also to reach a specific conclusion on the mentioned subjects. The writer cited case laws with necessary principles derive from it, which is indeed very much helpful for the practitioner.

Considering the demand of lawyers, judges and persons involved with the legal profession, the writer has only touched the issues which are frequently confronted by the aforementioned persons. Besides, in this book, the writer has re-arranged many chapters with up-to-date decisions and style for the overall convenient of the reader. The author has offered the book by providing the related laws in separate title and discussed every topic by explanation with huge number of references. Nowhere, perhaps, have this points been drawn out more sharply than in this book. All wealth of materials of this book has been collected from variety of sources. The notable decision of the Apex Court and High Court reported in various Law reports Journal have been referred to and discussed.

The author presented the book in simple and lucid languages. The book will be very much helpful to the academics as well as legal practitioners in picking up very common laws and references in criminal arena.


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